Accelerate your career path with us

We believe that a career infused with entrepreneurship allows a person to pursue the desired path created by oneself – and with it comes a sense of purpose, reignition to perhaps a once dormant passion, and the excitement of finding inspirations and fulfilment in the day-to-days.

That is why we are here to challenge the traditional notion of how a career or workplace should be, and help you chart your own roadmap within the wealth management universe. Join us.

Our people are our greatest assets

Wealth Partner

Attaining a rewarding career in wealth management is only possible if you are entrusted by your clients to be a reliable partner in their financial journey. If you have the passion, we have the platform for you to excel.

Academy Coach

If you are a practitioner in wealth management and have the passion to groom financial entrepreneurs and future leaders in the field, you would be a perfect fit to our Academy Coaching team.

Our Training Philosophy


All training sessions are delivered in a simple yet structured manner; ensuring that even those who are new to the industry can easily grasp and learn.


All our coaches are qualified subject matter experts with real industry experience. They were once in your shoe, now let them guide you to better succeed in the wealth management world.


The most effective training sessions are often lively and vibrant. That is why all of our sessions are held in an open manner – enabling participants to share, ask, teach as well as learn comfortably.


Despite the serious nature of the business, we believe that fun and fulfilment should go hand-in-hand in your career. After all, if you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life.







What makes us tick?

Technical Training

We turn complicated financial jargons into simple investment concepts and tips which you can apply in your day-to-day interactions with clients and peers.

Onboarding Learning Process

We have a structured and proven 90-day system that helps ensure that you are moving towards the right direction.

Scope of Content

We approach personal finance in a holistic manner – from risk management, wealth management to wealth distribution and planning. We believe that resourcefulness is key to staying relevant to your clients needs in this ever-changing financial landscape.

Client Engagement (Marketing)

We believe that the most effective way to connect with your prospective clients is by empowering them in financial money matters – in which financial education and literacy are vital.

Managing Client's Wealth

We focus on building portfolios that best complements our clients’ needs, rather than emphasising on short-term returns. In this aspect, our career model for wealth partners is based on long-term growth and progress as opposed to month-to-month KPI monitoring.

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